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Since 1995

Welcome to IlPadrino

il Padrino is a rental car company located in tetouan 

il Padrino Moroccan car rental company.  started out with a fleet of just five vehicles. Today our services cover the entire Moroccan kingdom. Il Padrino is committed to provide you with quality services and a rental car that suits you. Our highly qualified staff will do anything to satisfy your desires and needs.

what is our mission ?

Whether you need a small car, a compact car or an SUV, our fleet offers you new and modern vehicles, from major brands. We work hard to provide exceptional customer services. Our agencies offer you a complete and various selection of vehicles to meet your mobility needs including utility cars.

what is our vision ?

We strongly believe that they are the most important person in our business. THE CUSTOMER is someone who brings us his needs and in the end it’s our job to excite them. 

For us, They are not depending on us, We are depending on them.

For THE CUSTOMER, Good is not Good enough when Better is expected !

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